Hot Waxing Heater

Hot waxing has been used by Beauty Therapists for many years – and many still prefer
to use this gentle, traditional form of waxing over more modern roll-on systems.

We have found the Depilflax Hot Waxing Heater's thermostat to be very reliable so the wax stays at a safe, constant temperature. Heat a few wax tablets in the heater pot, or many tablets if you have a lot of waxing treatments booked, and you’re ready for the day. Improvements to the quality of hot wax mean that therapists can apply creamy, supple wax to large areas at speed.

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Hot Wax Heater  250gm ............... Code 7050

Hot Wax Heater 1kg ...................... Code 7060


“Waxxed has been my waxing supplies provider for over 10 years. Megan provides a very personal touch to her business and always replies promptly with great customer service. My wax orders always arrive quickly.”
Anne, Room of Beauty, Aotea

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