Hot Wax Tablets

All our hot wax tablets contain high quality beeswax and titanium dioxide, which together make the wax dense and pliable, so it’s easy to apply and remove.

Our experience has taught us the real value of working with the best quality ingredients which the Depilflax Hot Wax Tablets contain.

We notice that the Depilflax Hot Wax Tablets melt quickly due to their size and are easy to apply. When the unique formula is applied and removed correctly the hair is extracted from the root, without leaving any residue behind. This ensures you don't have to go over an area twice - beneficial for you and your clients.

The hot wax is remarkably pliable and wont get brittle. You can apply Depilflax Hot wax to any area and it will remove the hair efficiently, from Upper Lip to Bikini Line, this wax will have you covered!

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The Ivory wax also contains a high quality natural bees wax and resin. This soft creamy wax has a velvety feel to it and glides over the area when applied. Excellent choice for hypersensitive skin types.

Ivory ............. Code 6000

Rose Petal
A rich creamy wax that contains high quality natural beeswax mixed with resin. The Rose Petal wax also contains Nyamplung oil to help with hair removal and soothing qualities. As the name suggests, this wax is slightly rosy in colour. Suitable for sensitive and dry skin types.

Rose Petal ......... Code 6010
"We have been using the amazing pink Rose Petal hot wax for years and have always loved it especially for Brazilian waxing. It’s gentle on the skin yet gets all those tough hairs too. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an amazing wax for sensitive areas.”
The girls, Little Beauty, Kaitaia

Again the Marina wax contains a high quality natural bees wax and resin. This wax has been designed with men in mind as it has excellent adherence to thick coarse hair but is also good for first time depilation. Dark green in colour and with a beautiful sea aroma.

Marina ............. Code 6020


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