Waxxed Professional Strips

Depilatory StripsThese strips have been specifically designed for waxing, and are the ultimate product for a professional finish. They’re strong, flexible and gentle on the skin – we love using them, and know you will too!

Professional strips by Waxxed are made from a strong, durable and reliable fabric. When used correctly they will adhere to any warm-wax and remove hair efficiently without leaving any residue on the skin.

The size and shape of the strips allow you to mould it over any area of the body, including those difficult areas such as the bikini line or underarm.

For your convenience our strips have been pre-cut to lengths of 18cm or 22cm. They come in sealed packets of 100 strips or in a handy dispenser box of 600 strips.

Purchase 2x Dispenser Boxes and receive 200 strips free!

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Single Pack (100 strips) 18cm .......... Code 5010
Single Pack (100 strips) 22cm .......... Code 5020
Dispenser Box (600 strips) 18cm .... Code 5040
Dispenser Box (600 strips) 22cm .... Code 5050


“The wax strips from Waxxed have never ripped on me like other brands have.”
Anne, Room of Beauty, Aotea

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