Winter 2021

Winter is certainly here, shorter days and colder temperatures usually results in wrapping up and staying inside where its warm. Waxing is probably the last thing on a clients mind, however its a great time for owners and therapists to stay in touch with their waxing clients and offer them a special treat for coming in over winter. Maybe a gentle scrub or massage over the area before the treatment begins. Its also a great time to review jobs that need to be done around the clinic. Such as updating any policy procedures, up-skilling staff, removing any tired looking products or updating equipment. That includes your waxing unit and pre-post lotions.

Waxxed has some super deals on our professional Roll-on unit, so now is a good time to update those tired looking wax pots. We also have a wonder range of roll-on waxes to choose from that will suit all of your client's needs.

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Roll-on Waxing System - update your system today.

This Professional system is a must have in your busy clinic. The trick with roll-on systems, is for the wax to be at the right consistency for every application. You want a reliable, safe and hygienic professional wax system that works every time.

The cartridges take about 10mins to heat, and having two thermostats allows you to have a constant supply of wax ready for treatments.

Talk to Hayley about changing your waxing system, specials available.



Depilflax Roll-on Wax Cartridges


High quality wax to use with the Depilflax system. We have a range of different waxes to suit all skin and hair types for me or women.

Olive Oil and Natural are our most popular followed by Azulen. All 3 waxes contain properties for dehydrated or dry skin and sensitive skin types. They roll on with ease and remove the hair effectively with our Professional Strips.

Buy 10 get 1 free on all varities of wax.

Valid until 31st December 2021.





Waxxed Professional Strips

These strips have been specifically designed for waxing, and are the ultimate product for a professional finish. They’re strong, flexible and gentle on the skin – we love using them, and know you will too!

We want you to experience the best strips for removing wax, just email us and we will send you free sample pack to try. Once you use the ultimate strip for removing wax you want go back!

18cm or 22cm Strips Deal:

Buy 2 or more 18cm Dispenser boxes of strips (600 strips per box)

        and get a packet of 100 strips free with every dispenser box of 600.

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Mediwipes - Sterilize and Disinfect
with one swipe!

For eveyone's health and safety it is essential to clean and disinfect every surface including your wax unit, hands, couch and equipment. Wipes are a quick and safe way to disinfect in between treatments.

These handy pop-up wipes contain Chlorhexidine which is used to sterilize hospital equipment, so you are using the best product to sterilize and disinfect your treatment room. They are gentle on hands and easy to use, simply pull a wipe from the container and wipe down any surface.

They are the supreme wipe to use to keep your clinic free from germs!