Dec 11, 2018

Boost Your Teams Morale!


The team at Waxxed have put together 10 quick ways to Share the Love and boost team morale.


1.  Kombucha Tasting

First loved by hipsters, this zingy refreshing probiotic drink is now being enjoyed by the masses.  There’s lots of brands and flavours of this not-too-sweet pick me up so buy a whole heap and set up a tasting panel in the staff room for your team to try and score their favourites.

2.  Mad Hatter Monday

Gather a collection of fabulous, weird and wonderful hats and bring them into work for the staff to adorn themselves with as they arrive.  Encourage swapping throughout the day and take lots of photos to add to a photo wall.

3.  Bring The Outside In

Organise fresh flowers and foliage for each treatment room and let the staff know the posies are theirs to take home at the end of the day (or the week if that works better).

4.  Smoothie Bowl Saturday

Gather loads of fresh delicious ingredients for staff to make their own smoothie bowls for breakfast so they’re set for the day.  Here’s a recipe from Nadia Lim to get you started.

5.  Secret Santa With A Twist

Same format as Secret Santa but instead of giving gifts, staff give a note of appreciation to the person they have drawn.  You could do a new draw every day until Christmas.


6.  Charity Tuesday

Make all those treatment hours even more worthwhile by giving a dollar amount for every hour of treatment e.g. if you choose to give $10 an hour and you have 3 staff who each deliver 8 treatment hours on Tuesday you would gift $240 to a charity you would all like to support.

7.  Unscheduled Time Out

Book out time for each of your therapists so they can start late, finish early or enjoy a longer lunch break – the ultimate luxury when the natural instinct is to work-work-work!

8.  Travelling Footspa

Have a footspa that can go home with a different therapist every night including all the goodies like essential oils, fluffy towels, after-care moisturiser and even some fancy tea.

9.  Visit from a VIP

Ask a well known client or friend or even a client you all really enjoy seeing to pop in just to check in on how everyone is, perhaps with a big bunch of flowers for the team or something similar.

10.  Dream Day Mood Board

If even the most simple of ways to treat your staff seems too much right now, pin a ‘Dream Day’ board to the staff room wall where your staff can add ideas, pictures and trinkets of what their dream team day out for the team in the new year when everyone has a bit more time.

And if you’re reading this before 5pm Friday 14th, you can also boost morale by entering each of your therapists into Waxxed’s $200 cash Share the Love giveaway!  Enter them via Facebook or on our website.