Aug 9, 2018

Best Brazilian's in the Beauty Business

Tips and tricks on best Brazilian treatments.


Waxing with confidence is important for all parts of the body, no more so than the bikini line. In small, sensitive places the trick is to use quality products that make it as simple as wax on, wax off.

Being confident and efficient will keep everyone calm and reduce inflammation.

The three key products are:

1. A hot wax heater with a thermostat that keeps the temperature stable and safe so you can work at speed

2. Creamy hot wax tablets suitable for sensitive skin

3. Bodycare products that prepare the skin for waxing and wipe away any residue afterwards leaving the skin feeling moisturised

Depilflax Rose Petal Hot Wax would have to be one of Waxxed's most popular products with its blend of high quality beeswax, resin and soothing Nyamplung oil for sensitive skin.

Conveniently packaged in small tablets of 1kg bags, each tablet melts within minutes so you can pop one in your Hot Wax Heater when levels are low.

Our reliable mini Hot Wax Heater has proven time and time again to be worth investing in. Robust, reliable and economical it will melt the wax in minutes and can hold enough wax for a full Brazilian without having to heat vast quanities at once.

Quality Bodycare Products are essential for any professional beauty therapist. The natural ingredients in the Depilflax pre and post wax bodycare products put the finishing touch on the best brazilian's.