Jul 10, 2018

Best Bodycare & Hygiene Products

Are you using the best Bodycare for your clients?


Pre Wax Gel

This is a must have for a professional wax! The unique formulaton cleans away any body oils and prespiration from the surface of the skin leaving behind a fresh, ideal surface for applying wax.

This gel contains Witch Hazel, Methanol, Rosemary Oil and Tea Tree which have anitbacterial and antifungal properties and are safe to use on any area of the body. An excellent product for preparing and cleaning the skin for waxing.

Post Wax Mousse

This would have to be one of our most popular products. Great for calming the skin after waxing but also a great product to on-sell to your clients.

The Post Wax Mousse is a rich creamy foam that soothes, calms and hydrates the skin after waxing, leaving it velvety soft.

As an added bonus, special extracts in the mousse help to soften and slow down hair growth, which makes it a must have for your clients to use at home.




Home Care:

Post Wax Mousse - calms soothes hydrates and softens the re-growth

Hair Puller - Must have for the prevention of ingrown hairs