The trick with Roll-on systems, is for the wax to be the right consistency for every application. We have always found the Depilflax Roll-On System to be fast, effective and reliable as each of the two applicators have a heating panel that encircles the wax cartridge allowing the wax to be heated quickely and thoroughly. The roller then gently glides over the skin leaving behind a fine film of wax.
The thermostats also control the temperature of the wax so there is no risk of harming a client, giving you complete confidence when waxing. The Depilflax system is hygienic and easy to use, and small enough to fit on a bench or trolley. The cartridges take about 20mins to heat and having two allows you to have a constant supply of wax ready for treatments.
For best results, always use the Pre wax Gel and Post Wax Mousse or Oil, along with the correct Depilflax wax cartridge. We believe our Professional Strips are the best in the industry for removing the wax and hair, without the embarrasment of tearing or deliminating. By using all these products combined, we know you'll have the confidence to give your clients the professional treatment they deserve.


 Health and Safety

Beauty Therapists have long been recommended to give clients a copy of after-care advice and write this step into their procedure documents. Taking after-care seriously will help show the high professional standard you have set for  your clinic.
To help you with this, we have produced Do's and Don'ts Cards for you to give to your clients after their wax treatment.
We will include a free sample bundle of cards with your next order or if you wish to purchase a pack of 20 they are on  special at $5 per pack of 20 cards (usually $8 for 20) until the end of September 2017.